Sunday, October 9, 2016

Product review: ZERRO Double-Sided Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat Full A2 (24''x18'') A3( 24''x18'') Best for Art Crafts Quilting Sewing Cutting

I am a quilter so I have a number of rotary cutting mats in various sizes. Most of my mats are self-healing Olfa mats.  Olfa mats have marking on one side and the other side is unmarked. These mats have markings on both sides, which is better. Self-healing properties of any cutting mats do not last for ever, so when both sides have markings it increases the useful life span of the mat. When I tried cutting using this mat it worked well.

So this mat two big pluses, however this mat was not made for American market where we use inches to measure. All its markings are in centimeter.
One side is marked every centimeter.  The other side has markings every 2".

If you just need lines, this mat will work fine.  Cutting photograph borders or cutting big pieces of fabric - no problem.  If you  want to line up quilting squares it is like to be  a problem as American quilting squares are all measure in inches. For quilting I want to see either 1" or 1/2" markings.

This mat is clearly not made for the American market because of the measurements.  Whether this is a problem for you or not depends on how you use the lines. 

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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