Sunday, October 16, 2016

Product review: Wireless Doorbell, iLOME Waterproof Chime Kit with 1 Remote Push Button and 2 Plug-in Receiver

This is a nice door bell because it has no logos on either the door bell on receiver.  It sounds loud and a choice of 36 tunes.  I got the doorbell with two receivers, which means when the door bell is pressed two units generate a bell. I always had one in the living room which we can hear upstairs.  But I can't hear the living room door in the basement and now the second unit is mounted in the basement. Problem solved.

However the doorbell is not perfect.   I will highlight the main issue and list the minor things under "cons". The door bell does not have a gasket on the door bell to make it well protected from rain.  My door bell is mounted in a protected area and does not get wet, however if your door is exposed to elements this might be a serious issue. 

✅ I like:

1. No logos  on the door bell, it has a clean design white design that goes well with white trim.
2. I like that this door bell has a plug in base (the receiver). I don't need to feed it batteries.
The door bell (the transmitter) does need a battery, it runs on 12V 23A Alkaline Battery (which is pre-installed).  Replacement batteries are quite inexpensive (under $2 of Amazon). This is a common battery and Amazon carries many options when time will come to buy a replacement.
3. I like that the distance between the door bell and the base unit can be quite large. I was not able to test such large distances but I did I attached the door bell button to the front door and plugged in the unit in an outlet on the second floor as far as I could from the front door and it worked.
4. The loudness of the base unit is adjustable
5. There are 36 chime sounds (demonstrated in the video)
6. The door bell and the transmitter are relatively compact.  The door bell is 7/4" thickness, height 3", width 1 3/4".  I show it on 1/2" grid in the video for size reference.  Even though it is smaller than my old unit the transmitter still covers two outlet on the power strip.
7. The door bell button comes with two option for mounting: a double sticky tape and screws.  I am using the screws. I needed to use a drill to make holes for the screws.  The position of the holes is marked on the inside of the cover.

❌ I don't like:

1. No gasket to make it fully waterproof
2. It does not remember the selected chime even when I unplug the receiver to move it.
3. The transmitter covers 2 outlets on a power strip

I received this door bell at no cost from the manufacturer to share my experiences with it (positive and negative) with potential future buyers. I included both the positives and the negative of my experience with this door bell and I hope it helps set your expectation.  Overall, it is a nice door bell. I really like how it looks and it is quite loud.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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