Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Product review: Ufriday Water Cube Shower Curtain EVA No More Mildew and Bacterial with Metal Grommets

This curtain is made out of EVA. I have a strong preference for EVA shower curtains because they are totally scent free right out of the box. 

When I first looked at the shower curtain I thought it had a different design from the stock photo - no interesting 3D effects. However, as soon as I put it up and the light began shining through it showed the 3D effect I saw and liked in the stock photo.  It really looks like the shower curtain has 3D bubbles - but it is totally smooth and flat. I like the neat effect.

The shower curtain is thicker than the liners (the kind one can pick up at Wallmart and similar stores) but it is not a thick shower curtain either.

I like that this shower curtain has magnets at the bottom of the shower curtain. They add a bit of weight to the bottom of the shower curtan and help keep the shower curtain inside the tub even if the tub is not iron and is not magnetic.

I like that the hook holes that are re-enforced with metal grommets.  They are not going to tear even if the curtain gets snugged on something.

What is missing? It does not have suction cups on the sides. My favorite shower curtains have small suction cups on the sides so the water does not splatter from the sides.

I received this shower curtain for testing and review. Getting a free sample does effect what I say. I have a history of leaving critical reviews when the product deserves it. Whether I had a good experience or bad experience you will hear exactly what happened.  Bottom line here is that despite missing suction cups it does a good job, it is scent free, and I really like the design.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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