Monday, October 17, 2016

Product review: Digital Alarm Clock, Weather Station Wireless Indoor/Outdoor with Temperature/Humidity/Forecast

The best feature of this weather station is super bright colorful display that is easy to read.

Its weakest point is documentation which is the manual which is not well written.  However, the weather station is pretty easy to set so the poor documentation was not a big drawback.

The indoor unit of the Starcn weather station has a battery but I like running it plugged into AC. The visibility of the display is terrific. If you think of keeping this weather station in the bedroom be aware that it does generate quite a bit of light in the dark.  I tried it in the bedroom and then moved it to the kitchen where can I enjoy the super bright display without any drawbacks.

The weather station is 5.5" tall, 3.75" wide, 1.25" front to back.  The outdoor unit runs on two AA batteries (which are not included).

The weather station shows both indoor and outdoor temperature.  Outdoor temperature seems to be very accurates (matches national weather for my area plus the temperature on my old weather station).  The indoor temperature seem to be running two degrees higher than my other thermometer.

The location of the outdoor unit is critical to the accuracy.

(1) The outdoor unit should be in the shade
(2) The outdoor unit should be somewhat protected from the rain
(3) Should be placed on the surface that does not get warm (for example glass or metal are bad choices, wood is a good choice)

I received Starcn weather station with the request for testing and review. Overall, I like the weather station. 

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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