Saturday, April 30, 2016

Product review: Segawoot Wireless Doorbell Kit Waterproof Transmitter with 2 Receivers


I reviewed a number of door bells in the past and none of them got a 5 star rating from me before. In the past there were three main issued I had with other door bells: either they were not waterproof, or they had a logo on the door bell, or they forgot the selected chime when the wall unit was unplugged. The other door bells had at least one of these issues, sometimes more than one issue. This door bell has IP44 rating (protected from water spray from any direction), it has no logos on the bell, and when I changed the chime and unplugged the receiver it still remembered the chime change when I plugged it back again. The negative I state is that to changing the battery on the door bell requires not only to unscrew the back (which is common for waterproof electronics) but to move a circuit board. Strange design! However, similar door bells have lasted years for me without changing batteries, so it is not a fatal flaw.

This package includes one transmitter (door bell) and two receivers. This means I can put one in the basement, where I have trouble hearing the front door bell.

√ I like:

1. No logos on the door bell, it has a simple design.
2. IP44 waterproof rating, it means it is okay if the rain hits it
3. I like that this door bell has a plug in base (the receiver). I don't need to feed it batteries.
The door bell (the transmitter) does need a battery, it runs on 12V 23A Alkaline Battery (which is pre-installed). Replacement batteries are quite inexpensive (under $2 of Amazon). This is a common battery and Amazon carries many options when time will come to buy a replacement.
4. I like that the distance between the door bell and the base unit can be quite large. The documentation states that the range is 300 meters (which is 1000 feet). I was not able to test such large distances but I did I attached the door bell button to the front door and plugged in the unit in an outlet on the second floor as far as I could from the front door and it worked.
5. The loudness of the base unit is adjustable
6. There are 52 chime sounds (demonstrated in the video)
7. The remote control button is 1 1/4" wide and 3 3/8" long. I have a fairly narrow area where I can place a door bell and it fits.
8. The door bell button comes with two option for mounting: a double sticky tape and screws.
9. If the wall unit is mounted on the bottom outlet the other outlet can still be used. The wall unit is 3 1/8" square.
10. It remembers the selected chime even when I unplug the receiver to move it.

√ I don't like:

1. The design that requires to move the circuit board to change a battery
2. The manual is not very clear. In particular, the instructions for changing the chime are not very clear. To change the chime you need to first select the chime you like by pressing >> button, then put the receiver into pairing mode by holding the volume button down for 5 seconds until it starts and then stops blinking, finally you need to press the transmitter. It should play the selected tune from there on.

I received this door bell from the manufacturer to share my experiences with it (positive and negative) with potential future buyers. I included both the positives and the negative of my experience with this door bell and I hope it helps set your expectation.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Product review: VINCA DCLA-0605 High Quality Electronic Digital Caliper


Excellent caliper. I checked that results it gives me are accurate, and that it gives me the same reading if I measure multiple times. I like that I can get the read out not only in inches and millimeters but as a fraction as well. The display is easy to read. I am attaching a video which shows the caliper in use.

The caliper has two sets of jaws: one can measure items on the outside, the other on the inside. It also has a button for tare (zeroing).

There is one gotcha to watch out when using the caliper. The display turns on automatically as soon as you move the caliper's jaws. This is very convenient when you measure, but it is also easy to do accidentally turn it on when you place it back into the case (happened to me a couple of times). And this can drain the battery while the caliper is sitting in the case. I now always take a look at the display to make sure the screen is off as close the case.

The caliper came with a case, a spare battery, and an instruction manual. The only thing I am not super pleased about is the latches on the case. They are compression latches rather than the type that flips up. I find them a little hard to open.

This is a reasonably priced caliper and a display in fractions is not something every digital caliper has.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Product review: Rhea Flats Lightweight Suede Slip-Resistant Premium Cushion Shoes Slip-on Loafer


I normally wear size 7.5, I ordered 7.5 size shoes and they were a perfect match in width and length. These shoes are very comfortable to wear, I have been wearing them all day long. The soles of the shoes are very textured, they provide excellent traction (but do not leave black marks on my wood floor). These shoes have some arch support but it is not a lot.

I selected the blue color and it a very pretty navy color. I like the color of the shoes, but the stock photo shows them brighter than they in most photos. They are dark navy color, not the electric blue that is shown in some stock images.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Product review: P&G Market 22x44x5 Sunbrella Outdoor High Back Chair Channeled Cushion


This is a thick cushion (5" loft) so it is very comfortable. It is quite large 22" wide and 44" long. The width is a little wider than my deck chairs but I was able to push it in. The benefit of such tight fit is that this cushion is not flying off even in high wind. It also has tie downs to secure it to the chair at the top and in the middle.

To test it for water resistance I pour some water on it as you see in the video. The water beads off and runs off. The surface dried pretty quickly, with the slowest are being in the crease between the back and the seat.

I received this cushion for testing and review. It is comfortable and I like the cheerful colors. I will post an update in the fall to update on how the colors held up in the sun.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Product review: Megatainer SafeTouch Nitrile Exam Disposable Gloves, Non Latex, Powder-Free


This is a comparison review of size Small and size Medium Nitrile gloves from Megatainer. I normally wear small size gloves, however in the past I purchased Dynarex SafeTouch Nitrile gloves and they run small, based on reviews that indicate this I purchased Medium size gloves they are a tight fit (the way I would have expected size small to fit my hand).

This is not the case with these gloves. Megatainer gloves are sized true to size. The Small size gloves fit well and give me skin tight fit. In attached photos the Small size gloves are pink. The length of the fingers and well as the palm match the size of hand. The medium size are slightly large on me: (1) there is a little bit of extra material at the finger tips and (2) the glove on my palm has no folds, but is not skin tight. The Medium size glove in the video is white.

Here are the measurements:
-- Pink (small) unstrech palm width just above the thumb is 3 3/8"
-- White (medium) unstrech palm width just above the thumb is 3 5/8"
-- Pink (small) from the top of the middle finger to the glove edge 9.5"
-- White (medium) from the top of the middle finger to the glove edge 9.5"

The glove does not have any powder inside. They have no smell. When I remove them from my gloves my hands do not smell bad. The material of the glove is pretty thin and I can feel things well with the gloves on.

Overall, I am pleased with the gloves and I hope my review will help you select the right size.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Product review: VIKI LYNN Tahitian Pearl Necklace, Sterling Silver 9-10mm Round Tahitian Cultured Pearl


The black pearl in this necklace is lovely. I took several photos from different angles so you can see for yourself. I see no imperfections in the pearl. I put it next to my own set Tahitian earrings and even though the hue of my earrings is different the luster looks very similar. The easiest way to compare and evaluate luster is to look at the clarity of the reflections in the pearl - the sharper and the more distinct the reflection the higher quality is the pearl. I would say this pear has good luster (with the excellent luster being the best and the fair luster and the poor luster below the good rating).

The size of the earring is rated as 10mm and my digital caliper shows 9.97mm. The silver setting and chain are very plain, and I like that they let the pearl be the star of the show. I think the necklace looks very classy.

I received this necklace for evaluation and review as part of the new product introduction. If you are skeptical of my review because of this, please take a moment to look at my other reviews and see that I leave many critical review when the product deserves it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Product review: Ogima Latex Expandable Garden All Brass Fittings


I have been using flexible hoses for about three summers. I have gone through a few of them. The main thing to know is that you cannot treat them the same as a regular garden hose. They are more fragile and require more care. Despite taking all the precautions this hose got busted the third time I used it. It seems to be more fragile than the hoses I used in the past. Luckily the breaks are somewhere in the middle so for now the hose is still usable with a couple of fountains in the middle of the hose, I used it twice since the first break and the fountains are still fairly small (see photos) but this hose is working on borrowed time.

I am still using it because flexible hoses are so easy to work with - this hose is light and when it has no water it gets much shorter so it is easy to store. The worst thing about these hoses that they are fairly fragile and don't last a long time. I had other hoses develop leaks, but not as quickly.

I take the following precautions:
1. When I use the hose I do not put the water pressure all the way up, I open the faucet at about half force (my water pressure is quite strong).
2. When I store the hose, I store it a bucket and bring it inside so it does not sit in the sun. Because they are light it really not difficult.
3. I make sure there it has no pressure on any part of the hose. I never hang it like I do with regular hoses. I store flexible hoses in a bucket. Even a 100 foot flexible hose bits into a regular size bucket.
4. Before storing the hose I drain it completely
5. When I use it I make sure I don't step on it and it does not tangle on anything. I lay it out straight toward the area that I need to water then fill it with water, then stretch to full length.

Yes, it is a lot of extra care but I really like that it is so light which makes it easier on my bad back.

I have used flex hoses with plastic and brass connections. Since I unscrew connect and disconnect the hose every time I use it I have a strong preference for brass connections, and this Ogima hose has brass connections. It also has a plastic on/off swtich between the hose and the sprayer which I find useful. The sprayer is an 8-pattern sprayer. The sprayer is plastic. The patterns are: soaker, cone, flat, center, mist, shower, angle, full. It has a dial that allows me to control the force of the water.

I received this flex hose for testing and review. Getting a sample does effect what I say whether I had a good experience or bad experience you will hear exactly what happened.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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