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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Product review: Esy-life Portable Microwave Cart Functional Microwave Rack Pantry Cart Kitchen Cart on Wheels, Stainless Steel

This listing combines several styles of carts. I got style-1 cart which is a tall cart on wheels. When it arrived I thought the shelves were white and with a sloppy finish because the white "finish" was a bit rubbed off on the edges. Turned out, however, that the white stuff is a thin protective film covering the stainless steel shelves. The film is attached very firmly and it takes quite a bit of work to remove it. But the work is worth it as when it is removed it reveals an attractive finish of the textured stainless steel shelves. The shelves are solid (i.e. not a mesh or grid).

My package included four shelves and 12 supports. The instructions are entirely in Chinese, although the pictures were helpful to figure out the recommended order of assembly. The shelves can be mounted in several ways. If you want to have 4 shelves with a guard rail on each shelf, use 3 horizontal bars on each level (two to hold a shelf and one as guard on the long side. I decided that I do not want a guard rail so I can place things with a slight overhang, so I mounted the shelf on the top supports. I also needed to forego the bottom shelve to fit the cart where I wanted it to be. I thought it was nice that the cart gives one quite a bit of flexibility on how to assemble it.

I am pleased with this cart. It is sturdy and was fairly easy to put together. I first screwed in all supports to one side, then all supports to the second side. Even though the shelves are metal, you have to "stretch" them over the support rails. Once the lip of the shelf is over the support rail it held in place firmly. After the shelves were on, I put the cart on its side and screwed in the wheels. Each of four wheels has a lock so it does not move unless I want it to move.

The cart size is: 21.6"L x 13.8"W x 47.2"H.

This shelf was provided to me for evaluation and review. Getting a sample does effect what I say. I have a history of leaving critical reviews every time the product deserves it. I review each product as if I spent the full price, whether it was good or bad you will hear exactly what my experience has been. I hope my assembly tips will help over come the Chinese manual, which is the only negative thing about this cart.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Product review: Homdox Day Clock, Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock - 8" Extra Large Non-Abbreviated Day & Month, Great for Seniors Elderly

I got this clock my eldery mother, who began loosing track of what day of the week it is. This clock display the day of the week (spelling out Monday, Tuesday, etc) as well as time and date.

The first thing that made a good impression was the fact that it showed the right time and date when I turned it on. I did not have to change anything. I unplugged and plugged it back in, it still shows the right time. Perfect for my mother, I don't want her to worry about resetting it if she has to unplug the clock to move it. There are several options of what the clock can display, I liked the default which shows everything.

The size of the clock is 8.5" x 7", 1.5", the size of tme is 1.5". The numbers and letters are large and clear. She will be able to see it from a distance. The face of the clock does not reflect light.

The clock runs from AC and comes with fairly long cord (69" inches). It has two mounting options: a stand to make it a table top and a key hole in the back so it can be hung on the wall.

If you have an elderly parent this clock is perfect. But it not only for elderly, I think it is nicer than just about any other digital clock I have because its visibility during the day and during the night is so good.

I received this clock for evaluation and review. Getting a product for review does not influence me in any way, I leave critical reviews every week when products deserve it. However, this clock exceeded my expectations.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Product review: Fake TV, GOLDSTAR US-GS21 Home Security TV Simulator


When I go away I always leave a radio and lights attached to a timer. This a nice addition to my "lived-in" look for the house. This gizmo is a small light. It is smaller than I imagined from looking at the stock photo. It is only 3.125" X 2.25" X 2.5" in size.

It has 4 settings
~ off
~ on
~ 4 hour after dusk
~ 8 hours after dusk.

When it is on it generates irregular patterns of lighting like a TV would. If you aim it at the wall near a window it looks like someone is watching TV. I do not aim it at the window because then the spot light is too small to be realistic. However when I am it at the wall the reflections off the wall give a bigger image, like a real size TV. It is also important to make sure that the light itself is not visible through the window because then the fakery is obvious. I put it below the window level. And if it comes from the general area where the TV is normally located then it has the desired effect.

I received this fake TV for evaluation and review. Getting a discounted item for testing does not bias me, I have a long history of writing critical reviews when the products deserve it. This is a very simple gizmo that works well. At the end of my video I show what it looks like from outside, so you can decide for yourself it is realistic or not.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Product review: Rii K25 3 in 1 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard


I use an air mouse with my Android TV every week. I have tried several designs of air mice and the older version of this Rii mouse has been my favorite for several yeas. My only complaint about the previous version of this air mouse was the click button was not the large ok button but a smaller button below it. This minor annoyance has been corrected in this version and the most common function is now controlled by the big OK button (easy to find even in a dark room).

This air mouse is shaped like a TV remote control: it is 6.75" long and 1.875" wide and 0.375" thick. One side of remote has all the mousing functionality and the TV remote functions, the other side has a QWERTY keyboard.

Air mouse comes with a wireless USB 2.0 receiver dongle (nano style) that plugs into a USB port. Then all I have to is aim the remote at the screen of my TV (while it is in HDMI mode set to my Android TV) and I can move the mouse my just moving the remote. The control is very good, it did not take me any time to get used to it. The remote also has other functions such as home, next previous screen, back, volume up and down and so forth. I was able to operate it from as far as I could go in the room (it is rated for 10 meters which is 30 feet).

My only remaining small complaint is that the dongle has a plain black back. It has no name printed so it looks just like any dongle and I have quite a few of them. To fix this problem I attached a handwritten label of my own to back of the receiver. It is not pretty but functional. I learned from experience that these labels really help down the road.

The keyboard keys have a nice feel (hard rubber) and good feedback (mechanical type click). It is a full QWERTY keyboard with letters and numbers.

IR remote can be trained to know some of the functions of your TV remote. To get into learning mode you need to press a "SET" button on the IR remote for 4 seconds. When if flash light once, aim it at the your TV remote and press the button you want to assign a function on your IR remote, it will flash two short blinks followed by a long one to indicate it is in learning mode. The press the button on the original TV remote. IR remote will flash three short blinks followed by a long one to indicate that the function was assigned. You can repeat this operate for all the keys you want to use on the IR remote to control your TV. The two remote controls need to close to each other (2.5" or less). To end the training session you need to press SET key (or do not press nay keys for 10 seconds or more)

Insert USB receiver into a USB port on the device. No other action is needed. The air mouse was immediately recognized.

Air mouse has a built-in Lithium-ion battery. It is charged by a standard micro USB to USB cable. The device can be used while the battery is charging. When the battery is low, the low-voltage light blinks to give a warning. My old Rii air mouse needed to be charged once a month. So far this remote still runs on the original charge (15 days and counting.)

I received this air mouse for testing and review from the manufacturer. It feels solidly made, it works flawlessly, and I like the button layout better than the previous air mouse that has been my favorite for a couple of years.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Product review: 50 Feet Expanding Garden Hose with Triple Layer Latex Core


I have been using flexible hoses for three summers. They are great to work with - they are light and when empty become very short. However they are fragile. I have gone through a few of them. The main thing to know is that you cannot treat them the same as a regular garden hose. They are more fragile and require more care.

This hose has brass connectors which give me a good no leak connection. I also like that i has a shut off valve built into the hose. So far I have been using it for two weeks - garden stuff and washing my car, so far so good. No leaks.

Through experience I learned to take the following precautions:
1. When I use the hose I do not put the water pressure all the way up, I open the faucet at about half force (my water pressure is quite strong).
2. When I store the hose, I store it a bucket and bring it inside so it does not sit in the sun. Because they are light it really not difficult.
3. I make sure there it has no pressure on any part of the hose. I never hang it like I do with regular hoses. Even a 100 foot flexible hose fits into a regular size bucket, this 50 feet hose is only 17 feet when it is empty.
4. Before storing the hose I drain it completely
5. When I use it I make sure I don't step on it and it does not tangle on anything. I lay it out straight toward the area that I need to water then fill it with water, then stretch to full length.

Yes, it is a lot of extra care but I really like that it is so light which makes it easier on my bad back.

Also included in the package is a sprayer. The sprayer is a tupical 8-setting sprayer, however its "mist" setting does not mist it looks like a weak shower isntead. The nozzel has flow control (works well) and a loop that keeps the nozzle sparying without having to hold down the handle (a little finicky, not as smooth as my other nozzles).

The package also includes a bracket for hanign the hole. As I mentioned earlier I never hang the hose to avoid putting pressure on a small section of the house, but I found the bracket useful for other things I want to hang in my garden.

I received this flex hose for testing and review. Getting a sample does effect what I say. I have a history of leaving critical reviews when the product deserves it. Whether I had a good experience or bad experience you will hear exactly what happened.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Product review: 19mm 100% Premium Luxury Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside

 I love silk pillow cases and the silk on this pillowcase is very nice. I also like the zipper closure. The reason I am not ranking this pillow case as outstanding is that one side of it is a beautiful blue color, but the other side is white. Since pillows are not flat both sides are visible so it does not look as nice as if both sides were the same color. I do not mind one side being cotton, but I wish these pillows can be made in a way that the cotton side matches the silk side in color.

The description mentions the "cotton underside". What it means is that one side is silk and other other side is cotton. Even though I prefer all silk pillowcases, I don't mind the cotton side, I just do not like the white color.

My favorite feature of this pillowcase is the zipper closure. It keeps the pillow inside the pillow case. The pillow case is a better fit for a queen size pillow. It is 19.75" x 29.5" (measured after washing). It has a bit of loose flap on a standard pillow, but because it has a zipper closure it is a better fit than a loose evenlope closure. The zipper is neatly hidden so you can't see it, you can see just the pull.

I hand washed the pillow case to check for colorfastness. The pillow case is colorfast. Most of the time I don't iron, it looks fine to me right out of laundry with a small amount of wrinkles, however if you prefer the ironed looked it is best to turn the pillow inside out and iron from reverse side on the silk setting of the iron.

This pillow case is provided for testing and review. I hope describing and showing the "cotton underside" is helpful to avoid surprises. I love the zipper closure and the silk quality is very nice. The white underside prevents me from ranking it as excellent.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Product review: ABUSA Women's Birkenstock-style Gizeh Leather Flip Flops


I normally wear size 7.5 shoes and ordered these sandles in size 8. The sandals are true to size, I have a little bit of room in the heel area as I would expect a size 8 to fit on my foot. The sole of the shoe is very comfortable. It is not flat but is shaped to my foot with some arch support, a small upswing near the toes, and so forth. This makes them very comfortable. The leather strap between the toes is just right, not too tight and not too loose.

The upper is made out real leather, the sole is a man made material. The sole has some ribbing for traction. I show the shoes upside down in the photos so you see what it looks like.

These sandals were provided to several experienced reviewers by ABUSA as part of the new product introduction. Originally these sandals are made in China for the Chinese market. ABUSA requested me to evaluate the fit and comfort for an American marketplace. I have been wearing these sandals for two weeks - they are comfortable, I have no problems wearing them all day.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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