Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Product review: Foot Spa Massager With Interchangable Massage Rollers from LuxorWare

I like the action of this foot spa.  It feels really nice on my feet.  I like it now (summer) but I think I will REALLY enjoy it in the winter as my feet get very cold as a result of Raynaud syndrome.

Initially, I could not stop the spa from beeping continuously.  Beeping is not relaxing and I wanted it to stop. There was no information about beeping in the manual and I contacted the manufacturer who provided additional information and said Luxorware will add this information to the manual.  Turns out beeping was due to the fact that the water I used to fill the spa was warmer than the desired temperature I set on the unit (I used warm water to make it more efficient). There are two ways to stop the beeping (1) increased desired temperature on the unit or  (2) wait for the water to cool off.

The spa comes with two rollers.  Both feel good.  Tai Chi roller is my favorite, I like how it feels on  my toes.  The modes with waves and bubbles are not something my feet feel.

The spa has three modes (preset temperature and time). To change modes you turn on the unit and then press auto mode button.  The temperature and time can also be changed individually by using buttons dedicated to time and temperature.

The spa is quite large. In attached photo I show it in the bathroom next to the toilet and they are about the same size.  The spa is 19" long, 16" wide, and 15" height.   The rollers are 10 inches long. The inside length of the spa is 14" long (i.e. this is the longest size foot it will fit if the toes and heels were touching front and back wall).

I like that it comes with FGCI AC power plug - water and electricity do not mix and this is a nice safety feature.

Is there anything I do not like? Yes. How it drains. It has a short drain hose. To drain the spa I have to lift the whole thing into the tub to make it drain unto the tub. When it is filled with water it is fairly heavy but it has a handle which lets you lift it.  The final 8 or so ounces do not drain out even if I tilt the unit, so it always has a bit of water left.

I received this spa for evaluation and review. If this makes you skeptical about what I say please examine my history, you will see that I leave critical reviews on regular basis when the products deserve it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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