Sunday, October 16, 2016

Product review: Rii K100 3-LED Colors wired Mechanical feeling Gaming Keyboard

My favorite keyboard a throw back - a mechanical DELL keyboard that feel great when I type.  It is so old that I have been looking for an alternative to have on stand by when the old favorite will stops working.

The RII keyboard feels very good.  The spacing of the keys and the feedback is very comfortable. It took no time at all to be comfortable using it.  Its feedback is similar to the mechanical DELL keyboard but quieter. The keyboard has backlit keys which is nice because I like working in a darkened room and have a little strip light that light my DELL keyboard. I will not longer need that light using this keyboard.

One thing you should know is not to throw away the packaging.  The keyboard comes without a manual and the back of the wrapping has all of the documentation: multimedia key descriptions as well as instructions on how to control LED backlit for the keyboard.

The light bulb key on the bottom of the keyboard allows you to select one of three colors (red, blue, or magenta) and FN+PGDN / FN+PGUP controls the brightness.  I tested keyboard on Windows and Linux, both operating systems worked flawlessly.


1. Excellent mechanical feedback, as good as my old DELL. I can type fast, my touch is very light, yet this key boards picks up every character, no misses.

2. I like to work with dimmed lights and my old keyboard did not have backlit keys.

3. The bottom of the keyboard has rubberized keys and they form great tracking with my wood desk. It does not move at all.

4. It has a standard layout of keys.  There is only one difference with my DELL keyboard. One of the two Windows keys has been remapped to control the backlit LEDs. No big loss - good choice!

The keyboard comes with a USB cable that is 55.5". In video I show this keyboard on top of my DELL keyboard for size reference, they are almost identical in size. It is 17" long and 5" wide.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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