Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Product review: KOOTION 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This is my second experience with Kootion 3.0 flash drives. I always run benchmarking utilities to see if the flash drives perform well and the previous set of Kootion 3.0 USB flash drives had an average read rate of 120.0 MB/s and an average write rate of 23.0 MB/s.  So I was disappointed to see that these two drives average 40 MB/s and 46 MS/s respectively.   Yes, they support USB 3.0 interface and were recognized in 3.0 USB port, but their performance a good range for 2.0 USB flash memory.

They are 32G flash drives, and having such large capacity is handy, but performance is disappointing becasue it is not clear that 3.0 refers to supporting the 3.0 USB interface not the 3.0 USB speed.

I should note that I like that when these flash drives are plugged in they light up to indicate that they are working.  Some flash drives have no indicators and I was happy to see that these drives have indicators.

In attached video you can see the visual representation of these tests.

USB stick #1 (black)
average read rate: 46.4 MB/s
average write rate: 30.9MB/s
averate access time: 7.14 msec

USB stick #2 (pink)
average read rate: 40.1 MB/s
average write rate: 29.4 MB/s
averate access time: 1.49 msec

I received these memory sticks at no cost for testing and review as part of the new production introduction. If reviews for product given for evaluation make you skeptical please review the reviewer record. I have a history of leaving critical reviews on consistent basis, every time the product deserves it based on test and unbiased evaluation of data.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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