Sunday, October 9, 2016

Product review: Large Window Bird feeder with 5 Removable Heavy Suction Cups

We have a large number of bird feeders including different window bird feeders. This bird feeder has one key feature that our feathered friends like. The birds love the little perch. In my video you can see how they use it to crack the seeds. We have another window bird feeder of a different style which does not have a perch and it was less popular until we glued a perch made out of a twig. As soon as we added this twig the bird feeder became more popular.

Many of our window bird feeders have three suctions cups.  This bird feeder has five! Three suction cups hold well, so five is going to be extra secure.

This is a wide bird feeder (11.75") but pretty short (5.75" tall). It is 4.25" front to back. Several birds can visit it at the same time. Many birds do not mind sharing. Some do, and it is fun to watch the bully birds that make other birds leave.

You should be aware that this style of bird feeders are not squirrel proofed, but as most bird watchers know there is no bird feeder that can stop a determine squirrel. For example, they learned to shake the bird feeder which closes under the weight of a creature that is heavier than a bird. So we no longer fight with squirrels, we just add more seeds to feed all creatures big and small.

Does the rain get into it? Yes. But the birds do not seem to mind. They are used to wet seeds on the trees.

What fun to see the birds so up close! If this is your first bird feeder it will likely that the birds will take a week to find it. For the first window bird feeder nothing happened for entire week, and then after a week my husband spread some seeds under the bird feeder and that seemed to help the birds find it. Now that we have several window bird feeders it does not take them long to find the new one. The bird's favorite seeds are sunflower seeds. We spoiled the local bird population with sunflower seeds and if we put out the mixed seeds it barely gets touched where as the sunflower seeds disappear very quickly.

I was provided this bird feeder by Koram for testing and review. I let the video be the final judgment for this bird feeder. It looks to me that both the birds and the squirrels are giving it 5 stars as we need to refill it every day.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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