Thursday, October 27, 2016

Product review: BetterBack - Correct Back Posture While Sitting

I spend most of the day sitting in the chair as both my work and hobbies involve sitting in front of a computer.  After two back surgeries any help I can get to improve my posture is a good thing.  The BetterBack is a fabric belt that you put around your back and knees which forces your back to be at the recommended angle to the seat.

I was worried that this belt would force my knees together.  When I sit in front the computer I do not keep my knees together and before I tried it on this was a concern.  However this belt has two straps each  one loops around each knee separately, so the belt does not force your knees together.

Is it comfortable? I was able to make it quite comfortable.  Each strap does pull on the knees, but the straps have knee pads and the tension on the belts that go around the knee can be adjusted.  I relaxed the straps until the straps stopped digging into my leg in an uncomfortable way.

With the belt in place I did feel that my sitting position was different: it pulled me up more and made me sit closer to the edge of the chair so I could keep my heels on the floor.

The belt straps are fairly long, is someone is very tall they can make them longer by doing a bit of sewing and extend the strap with additional strapping material.

Can it be used while driving? This belt constricts the movement of your legs so it feels unsafe to use by a driver because the driver wants complete freedom to move his or her legs to break or clutch.

I should mention that the belt has a zipper and can turn into its own bag.  This make it easy to transport it from home to work or where else you might want to spend time using it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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