Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Product review: ProEtrade Women Knit Cotton Warm Winter Socks

This is a set of socks in solid colors. I have small feet (7.5 shoe size) and these socks fit me very well - the heel is in the right place. The socks extend 5" above my ankle with the cuff unrolled and 3" with the cuff down. The socks are made out of a blend of fibers: 68% Cotton, 27% Terylene and 5% Spandex.  I would describe them as medium thickness socks, they feel soft.  They feel very comfortable.

Looking at any garment inside out really tells you about the quality of the constructions. These socks look very neat, they low flat seams and no bulges at the toes.  They look so good inside out that it is hard to see that they are inside out.  In the video I used an arrow to identify the sock that is inside out.

I was happy to see that the socks were NOT stapled together for shipping. They are kept together just by a paper label and clips to hold the toes together. Perfect!

These socks are provided by ProEtrade for evaluation with a request for a review as part of a new product introduction. Nice colors, very soft, good fit - I like these socks!

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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