Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Product review: Pumice Cleaning Stone with Handle by Shinymod for Toilet Toilet Bowl Ring

I have very hard water. I have tried a large number of toilet cleaners trying to remove the sediment/rust ring. I tried Clorox, CLR, Vinegar, Various Toilet bowl cleaner. Nothing worked. I was embarrassed whenever company came over. The pumice stick works much better.  It crumbled as I rubbed it against the stains and the stains disappeared.  It was not instant but not too bad. After I cleared a spot I touched the areas with my finger and I did not feel any scratches. So it appears to be softer than porcelain but harder than mineral deposits.  My photos show the toilet before and after and well as the stick before and after.

On the negative side, the stick came broken in half.  As I removed the paper and plastic wrapper the stick was in two halves.  I used the one attached to the stick.  The other half could be used but it would be pretty uncomfortable to hold.  The pumice stone easily crumbled so to keep the white dust off my hands I cleaned using gloves. Keep that in mind when you open the package, a piece of newspaper or a paper towel will help to contain the pumice dust.

I received this pumice stone for evaluation and review at no cost.   It did a good job cleaning, does not appear to damage the porcelain, but did not survive the delivery in one piece.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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