Monday, October 10, 2016

Product review: GUZON 9 Pair Pack Work & Gardening Gloves for Women & Men, Protective Second Skin Working Gloves

These gloves are made in China for Chinese market place.  Typically, Chinese sizes are smaller than American.  I normally wear small size gloves, but on a few occasions Chinese made gloves marked medium were too tight on me.  However, this is not the case here.  These medium size gloves are quite large.  They are definitely larger than American small.  In attached video I show them on my hands as well as various measurements to help you judge the size better.

The middle finger of the glove is 3.25", and width of the palm (just above the thumb) is 8".

The gloves have a bit of the chemical order.  The scent does get better after airing out.

Sizing issue aside, the design of the glove is good. The nitrite coating on the palm and fingers protects from dirt and wetness, they also give a good grip.  The back of the gloves is made out of mesh - good ventilation.

I received these gloves for evaluation and review to test the size and fit in the American Marketplace.  I hope my measurements will help to get a good fit. If you can get the right size this bag is a good deal.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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