Saturday, October 8, 2016

Prodcut review: aretha Genuine Cowhide Leather Satchel Top Handle Handbag

I like the organization of this bag.  The leather feels pretty stiff and has a glaze type finish.  The Amazon description describes this bag is made out of real leather and the pulls that expose the reverse side of the material which looks real leather. So it just the finish of this leather that I am not all that fond of.

However, I like organization, the color, and the size of this bag.  I also like that it has a dark brown liner which does not show dirt.

The inside has my favorite organization - three compartments, with the central zipped compartment being attached to the bottom, so there is true separation between all three compartment, nothing shifts through the bottom.

♦ The purse is 12.5" wide  and 9.5" long.  The bag is 4.5" wide at the bottom.
♦  The handle clearance is only 5.5", it is not enough for me to put it over my shoulder
♦ The purse closes with a single zipper 
♦ The inside the bag there are three main compartments. The smaller middle compartment is zipped and attached to the bottom to form complete separation between three compartments.
♦ There are three inside pockets on the sides: two open and one zipped. They are 4" deep.
♦ There is one outside pocket (zipped).  It is 4" deep.
♦ The sides can be snapped for slimmer look, or unsnap to fit more stuff or make it easier to open

This purse is provided for evaluation by Aretha as part of new product introduction.  I described my experience both pluses and minuses.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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