Monday, October 17, 2016

Product review: Amcrest ATC-1201G 12MP Digital Game Cam Trail Camera with remote control

We are big animals lovers and I own several wild cams so we can observe the wildlife visitors we are lucky to get every day. This wild cam has a notably different user interface.  It has a screen on the outside of the case rather than on the inside like other camera. To navigate the menus the camera uses a remote control  rather than buttons on the inside of the case.  Why is this significant?  Because it makes it easier to aim the camera to get just the right framing.

The camera has good motion sensor and is activated only when something interesting is happening, so every video it captures has something good on it. The camera can be mounted in a number different (strap to attach to a tree or a tripod mount).  I am using the tripod.

Video quality: videos are very sharp.  In many situations the videos are excellent.  Sometimes in very bright sunlight the camera overexposes. The video during the night uses infrared videos (black and white). I included clips taken during the day and during the night.

The user interface is menu driven and is very intuitive, I show it in the attached video to give you a better idea of how it feels to use it.

The camera runs on eight AA batteries (not included). The battery life is pretty good.  After running for a week taking hundreds of videos every day the camera's battery indicator shows that it is half full. SD card is not included. The camera produces AVI and JPG output.

This camera case is robust.  The tripod with the camera has been knocked down by animals several times, and the camera still running, no problems. The case is waterproof and has been out in several rain storms without any problems. The case is 5.25" tall x 3.25" wide x 1.75" thick.

Overall, I am very pleased. I love being able to have a glimpse into the life of our wild life visitors.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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