Saturday, October 8, 2016

Product review: Tophill Men's Sm51015 Automatic Self Wind 24 Jewel Leather Strap Watch Brown

This is a nice looking mechanical watch. The white face is easy to read, so it is not only neat looking but functional. The face shows time, day of the months, and a small dial with the 24 hour clock. Since this is a mechanical watch you need to advance the day of the month every other month to skip 31. Everything is controlled from one main knob.

The band is made out of real leather and fit wrists from 6 1/2" (first hole) to 8 1/16" (last hole).

The back of the watch indicates that it is water resistant (rating 5 ATM, which up to 50 meters).  The body of the watch is made out stainless steel.

The watch runs on a combination of manual winding and self winding from the arm swinging. On one full manual rewind (plus whatever little help the watch gets from self-winding). To see how long it would run one full wind my husband wound it on Sunday at 6 pm, did not wind it again and just wore during his regular days until it stopped on Friday at 7am. The watch ran for 4.5 days before it stopped.  We repeated this experiment a couple of times and this span was pretty consistent.  My husband has a desk job, so he does not move his arm too much.  Someone who does a lot of activity during the day will get more benefit from the self-winding mechanism.

The watch comes in attractive box with a pillow and the package also included a gift bag, so this watch works well for gift giving.

Any negatives?  The manual that comes with the watch does not apply to this watch. It discusses only the battery operated watches. This watch does not have a battery. The manual covers several watches but none of the watch faces shown in the manual match the face of this watch.

Since the manual does not cover this watch I will mention how to set the watch: To set the day of the week you need to pull the stem half way out.  To set the time you need to pull the stem all the way out.

I received this watch for evaluation and review.   Overall, this is a very attractive mechanical watch.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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