Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Product review: Bounabay Men's Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Wrist Watches with Leather Band

This watch comes in a very plain packaging, just a plastic bag and some bubble wrap.  But what it lacks in presentation it makes up how catchy the watch itself looks. Most of the watch face and back is glass  which reveal the gears of the mechanical watch. Yes, the background of fears makes it a little more difficult to read the time, but chances are if you like mechanical watches this is not a problem.  My husband likes mechanical watches and he loves seeing all the gears moving.

This watch shows only time (no date or any other features).  It does have have three hands, showing seconds as well as hours and minutes.

The band is made out of real leather and fits wrists from 6 1/2" (first hole) to 7 3/4" (last hole).

The face is 1.3" wide, the watch os 0.5" thick.

The watch runs on a combination of manual winding and self winding from the arm swinging. On one full manual rewind (plus whatever little help the watch gets from self-winding). To see how long it would run one full wind my husband wound it on Saturday, did not wind it again and just wore during his regular days until it stopped on Tuesday.  My husband has a desk job, so he does not move his arm too much. Someone who does a lot of activity during the day will get more benefit from the self-winding mechanism.

I received this watch for evaluation and review.  Overall, this is a very attractive mechanical watch.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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