Thursday, October 13, 2016

Product review: Solar Spotlight with Motion Sensor by DrawGreen

This is a very bright solar light. To give an idea of how bright it is I measured its brightness with a Lux meter (which measures the light intensity) and then oyt a 60 watt CFL light in the same position and measured its reading.  Since we all have a pretty good idea of how bright a 60 watt bulb it makes it easier to imagine the light generated by this light.

Here is the comparison:
60 watt CFL bulb registered at 527 lux
This light registered 1438 lux on the bright setting
This light registered 113 lux on the dim setting

This light has three modes. It is bright when it detects motion in the dark, it is dim when it detects no motion in the dark.  I would have liked it to have an option which turned on bright light when there is motion, and be off when there is no motion. In New England we don't get bright sun every day of the year, and the most conservative use of the battery works best.

However, this solar light has many strong points. In addition to being the brightest solar light I own, it is also highly adjustable in positioning where the light shines.  The spotlight is not huge, but because it is easy to aim it I can make sure it lights the area I need to be in the light.

I received this garden light for testing and evaluation as part of the new product introduction. Bottom line on this one? It does not have my favorite mode "off when no motion - on brightly when motion is detected" but it is very bright and it has a lot of adjustments.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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