Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Product review: Homitt One Touch Automatic Electric Milk Frother

I like having frothy coffee in the morning.  In the past I have used hand hand milk frothers which I thought worked pretty well.  However, Homitt frother takes the froth to the next level. It generate froth like you would get in coffee shop or restaurant with smaller denser bubbles compared to the hand frother.

What you see in the video is froth from soy milk. Whole milk, of course, makes the thickest creamiest foam but even soy milk generates thick foam that forms peaks.

Cleaning the frother is a bit difficult, because you cannot put in the dish washer, you cannot submerge it in water, and you need to clean quickly after use before the remaining frothy milk forms a solid crust which is hard to work with. I use a brush that I typically use for cleaning mugs.  The package also include a small cleaner that can be used to clean the spring that generates foam.

The max and min amount of milk are marked on the container. The minimum is 1/3 cup of milk enough to make frothy milk for two mugs. 

One feature this electric frother does not have that I have seen on other electric frothers is whether the milk is warmed or not.  Some frothers can generate cold foam, this frother has only one option warm foam. The foam is not hot so it cannot burn you, it is slightly warm.

The plate and the cover of the frother are made out of light weight plastic.  The body of frother has more heft and is metal.

Note that there are two attachments in the frother, one is attached to the cap and one to the spindle in cup.  The set also includes plastic spoons: several small spoons and one teaspoon size spoon.  They are made out of light cheap plastic and detract from overall package because they feel very cheaply made. They are not something I would use in the kitchen, but I found the use for them in my garden shed I will use them to scoop plant food and fix up liquid soil supplements.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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