Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Product review: GBGS DIY Window Bird Feeder, 2 suction cups

We own a large number of window bird feeders but this is the first DIY window birdfeeder.  It is a little cheaper that already made bird feeders but it does take a bit of amount of time to put together.

Putting the bird feeder together is not difficult, but two simple things take time:
(1) Each panel is tightly wrapped in plastic and peeling the plastic off each panel takes several minutes. As you remove the plastic film remember to stick the numbers pack on to the panels, it will help with assembly.
(2) The panels are secured with very tight rubber rings. They are very tight so it takes a while to get each of them on. I used a small screwdriver as a level to speed up the streching.  I show my technique in the video.

This birdfeeder has one feature that our birds really like - the perch that spans the width of the bird feeder.  Some birds use it to stand on, others use it to crack the seeds.

It also has one feeder that squirrels like - the removable tray. The squirrels are so clever that learn to remove the tray and dump all seeds on the ground.  For that reason, I put a rubber band around the birdfeeder so the squirrels cannot remove it. 

The window bird feeder are not squirrel proof.  Even though they cannot climb the class, they can jump from the roof or from other things right onto the bird feeder. As most bird watchers know there is no bird feeder that can stop a determine squirrel.  For example, they learned to shake the birdfeeder which closes under the weight of a creature that is heavier than a bird. We no longer fight with squirrels, we  just add more seeds to feed all creatures big and small.  This bird feeder is small, you can see what a tight squeeze it is for the squirrel in my video.

The bird feeder is held by two suction cups. They provide sufficient suction power to hold the feeder, the seeds, the birds, and the squirrels.

Does the rain get into it? Yes. But the birds do not seem to mind. They are used to wet seeds on the trees.

If this is your first bird feeder it will likely that the birds will take a week to find it. For the first window bird feeder nothing happened for entire week, and then after a week my husband spread some seeds under the bird feeder and that seemed to help the birds find it. Now that we have a couple of window bird feeders it did not take them long to find the new one. The bird's favorite seeds are sunflower seeds. We spoiled the local bird population with sunflower seeds and if we put out the mixed seeds it barely gets touched where as the sunflower seeds disappear very quickly.

The bird feeder gets constant traffic all day long, our visitors love it. 

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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