Friday, November 18, 2016

Product review: Morning Smile Premium Bathroom Toilet Stool

I saw a squatty stool idea on an episode of Shark Tank and thought it was an interesting concept. When I received an offer from Morning Smile to give one of these gizmos a try I accepted. It sounded like something my elderly mother could benefit from as she has problems with occasional constipation.

Even though I like the concept, I decided this particular construction is not for my mother or other elderly people. The strap between the two steps is a tripping hazard for someone who might be unsteady on their feet. I think a stepping stool that is a solid construction (i.e. not two separate things) would work better. If you want to shift your position while sitting the separate steps make it somewhat difficult for someone who does not have rock solid balance.

As far as squatting position, it does seem to be effective for its purpose even though it does take some getting used to. The height of each step can be adjusted by adding and removing the base. I found the low position most comfortable.

The steps themselves are quite small. In attached video I show them with 7.5 woman shoe size and 8.5 men shoe size. You can see that a portion of the foot is overhanging the edge in both cases which decreases comfort.

The strip between the two units tends to come off on its own (as well as being a tripping hazard) so we removed it.

The steps have friction pads on the bottom, so if one is careful they do not shift. The friction strips are attached by pressure to the bottom, three of them stay in but one of the strips kept fall out when the step was lifted, so I glued it down.

I received this bathroom aid for evaluation and review. If this makes you skeptical about what I say examine my review history to see that I leave critical reviews on regular basis when the products deserve it no matter what I paid for the product. This aid is not a good match for someone elderly or who has issues with balance. I think the concept is pretty good, but this particularly implementation had some practical issues.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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