Friday, November 11, 2016

Product review: VANSILK 100% Mulberry Silk Floral Pattern Pillowcase 2Pcs

I own several silk pillow cases, I like how cool they feel on my face during the summer and comfortable they are year round.  Until this pillow case all my pillow cases were solid color.  This pillow case has a beautiful flower design and is the most beautiful pillow case I own. One side has a floral design (predominately blue, with some yellow, white and green) and the other side a solid light blue. My sheet sets are either blue or yellow and the colors of this pillow goes well with both.

The quality of the silk of these pillow cases are top notch. They feels very smooth and very silky.

The pillow case a envelope closure.  The envelope is 6" deep, which is pretty deep and keeps the pillow inside of it very well. The pillow cases fits a standard size pillow well.  After washing the pillow case the size of the area that holds the pillow is 29.5" and 19.5". In addition it has a 2" sham that goes around all four sides, making the total length 29.5"+4" and 19.6"+4" when I lay it flat on the table.

I hand washed the pillow cases to see if they are color fast, and they are. After washing it has some wrinkles. The pillow case can be ironed, but I typically don't iron my silk pillow cases the slight wrikles relax on the pillow and I don't find ironing necessary and it saves me time. However if you prefer the ironed looked it is best to turn the pillow inside out and iron from reverse side on the silk setting of the iron.  It can be machined washed in cold water on gentle cycle.  For extra protection I put silk pillow cases into wash bags to prevent other things snagging on them.  I wash my pillow cases in the washing machine. My oldest silk pillow case is several years old and still looks fine.

This pillow case feels very nice and it looks very pretty.  I really like it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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