Saturday, November 19, 2016

Product review: FULLLIGHT TECH 720P 8.0MP Low-Glow Waterproof Game Camera

I have experience with several wild cams because we have a lot of wild life on our property and love taking a peek in the life of our visitors. This wild cam produces very good videos (excellent color, good exposure, night time video has a lot of definition) but it has difficult controls including for the operation that I use most frequently - formatting SD to remove the old videos.

This camera is controlled by physical switches to set the mode and the switches works fine. Other operations require the use a complicated sequence of key combinations (up, down, and keys together). The camera often gets into a wrong mode even when the sequence is done correctly. I have been using the camera for over 2 weeks and it has not gotten any easier. I tried other methods of removing old videos like formatting the SD using my computer or removing the files without reformatting. This does not work. After removing files with the computer the camera does not record, it only works if reformat SD in the camera.

The highest resolution of video you can get with camera is 720P. The photo resolution maximum is 8M. However the quality of the video and images under different light conditions is very good. The night time video has more resolution and details then any of my other cameras. I have included a couple of video clips taken at night when the camera switched to infrared. You will be able to recognize those clips because they are black and white.

Motion activation mode works reliably. There is a switch of how long it should wait until the next activation (1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes). The camera can run on 4, 8, or 12 batteries. The battery use is quite good, it recorded a large amount of videos every day on the same set of batteries. On some days 32G of data was recorded at which point the camera stopped recording. The camera has a low battery indicator but it is a tiny light that is hard to see. Other cameras have an easier to see displays.

In attached video I included videos recorded during the day and during the night. The camera is mounted on a tripod using the screw on the bottom of the case. The camera is waterproof and has been out in several rain storms without any problems.

Keep in mind that video you see on Amazon is highly compressed and it is best viewed as a time stamp image, because then you don't see the degradation caused by compression.

Bottom line: The video is good during the day and excellent during the night (i.e. much more definition compared to my other cameras). On the negative side the camera controls are hard to use.

This camera was provided to me at a special discount for testing and review as part of a new product introduction. Getting a discounted product does not effect what I say. I always leave critical reviews when the product deserves it. This camera has both highs and lows and I described both aspects of my experience. I think the videos it generates are better than others, but the user interface is much worse.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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