Thursday, December 1, 2016

Product review: OTUS LED Desk Lamp with Gesture Control

The best feature of this lamp is how flexible it is in position the light.  Its wing span is 38" with three pivot points. One near the base, one in the middle, and one for lamp head itself.  The lamp has a ball joint - the best flexibility of the lamp had I have ever seen - 360 degrees of freedom.

How bright? Brighter than a 60 watt CFL bulb. I measured its brightness with a lux meter at 19" (1150 lux) and compared it with a reading I got from a CFL bulb at the same distance (527 lux). This lamp was significantly brighter. The spotlight it generates is somewhat smaller than a CFL bulb. It is sufficient to light the entire large format book, but not enough to light my entire desk surface with the same amount of light - the edges of the desk are darker.  In the video you can see it lighting a large book, the book is fully in the light, but you can see the edges of the desk that are not well lighted.  This is a nature of LED lights and to be expected.

The lamp has touch-less controls (on/off). The lamp uses an infrared sensor switch and I just need to wave my hand in front of it to turn it on.

This lamp has several modes of brightness. In general, I do not like lamps that require me to cycle through many options. This lamp has many options, but I can pre-set your favorite settings so I don't need to cycle through all the options. When I turn it off it remembers my choices.

Assembly tip: the base has a screen which needs to be loosened and then tightened after the arm is inserted into the base.  This holds the arm securily attached to the base.

To summarize: I like its brightness, I like the long neck and that I can re-position it in many way.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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