Friday, December 23, 2016

Product review: 26" Rolling Snow Pusher With 6" Rubber Wheels

I bought this shovel last winter after seeing a similar roller pusher being used to clean snow in front of restaurant. I've never seen one these before and asked a guy to let me try it and I loved how easy it was on my back.  Our local stores did not carry it but Amazon had a few choices. I I selected this one because of the 6" wheel and 26" wide shovel (many are wider).  The large wheels let me handle 5" inches in one pass and the 26" width makes it easier to maneuver and store. 

Overall I am quite pleased! Over the last year I used it on wet and dry snow and both were easy on my back.  It is best on snow under 5". When we got more than 5 inches (or dealing with snow banks left by a snow plow) I am able to do push the top layer by pivoting the scoop up and then picking up the lower layer on the second sweep. After I push all the snow to form a hill on the edge of the lawn I am able to push the snow hill onto the lawn by pivoting the shovel up and rolling forward. This lets me drive the snow onto the lawn without damaging the grass thus making room for the next snow storm.

This shovel is works well for doing straight lines on well paved paths without cracks.  We have a crack at the end of the walkway and it always gets a bit hung up on it, but a slight pivot up allows me to get by without losing the snow pile. The empty pusher weight 11 pounds, so I find it easier to use than Toro Power shovel.

A note on assembly - each type of a bolt and fastener were in a plastic bag with a label.  They were easy to match up to the assembly instructions.

This is  my second winter with the snow pusher and it is holding up well. I like how easy it is on my back.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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