Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Product review: SCOTTeVEST Revolution Travel Clothing

Learning all the features of this jacket is like going on a treasure hunt! I kept finding little things I did not expect.  It does has one thing that I wish was different.  I will try to cover all the pluses and minuses below.

Major features:

1. I like the overall look and finish. It feels well made, the seams are fnished neatly, there are a lot of thoughtful touches.

2. Lots and lots of pockets. A total of 26 pockets.  This is the main reason I was interested in this jacket. My husband absolutely hates to carry a bag of any sort. If it does not fit into his pockets it either does not travel with us or *I* have to carry it. And that does not make me happy!

3. The jacket repels water and has a hood (which can be hidden in the collar).

4. It feels light, but the keeps the wind and cold out. However, this is not a winter jacket for real cold weather (at least not in New England weather) - it has no fleece or heavy lining.

5. It has zippers that work smoothly.  Now we come to the thing I wish was different. The front zipper is not a double zipper. I.e. you cannot unzip a little bit from the bottom and little bit from the top.  You can only  unzip the top, or totally unzip it. There is only one snap - at the very bottom of the jacket. What I prefer is a double zipper.  This is the only minus in the construction of the entire jacket.  It is not a deal breaker but I thought the jacket would be more versatile with a double zipper.

6. The jacket can be machine washed. However it should not be dried in the dryer.
Cleaning instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Hang to Dry, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry. 

Minor features:

1. I really like the channels and loops that hold wires in place and keep them from getting caught on things. These channels are placed on both left and right side so you choose the most comfortable position whether you are righty or lefty.

2. I like that the pockets that are meant for the phone and other small electronic devices. They are transparent so you can quickly see what is happening on the phone without having to take it out.

3. The side pockets are HUGE. They easily fit a water bottle and more.  If you choose to carry a water bottle in the pocket, it has a a large elastic loop to keep the bottle upright.

4. In addition to large pockets, the jacket also has small pockets so small items do not get lost, like pens or ear buds.

5. The pockets have loops and holders for keys are other items that you might want to attach so they don't get lost or stolen.

The packaging include a medical warning: the jacket uses magnets to keep pockets closed.  This means people who use medical devices such as pacemakers may have interference from magnets with their devices.

Overall, my husband is stoked about the jacket - it feels comfortable and having so many pockets is great.  The size of the jacket is true to size.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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