Sunday, December 25, 2016

Product review: GRASEP Nylon Webbing Tactical Duty Belt - A buckle style

I got the XXXL size of the nylon belt with the A buckle.  The belt is 1.5" wide and 56.5" in length (end to end).  The belt is heavy but not totally stiff so it is comfortable. The stitching is reinforced and the edges are well finished.  The buckle is easy to adjust but locks in well and does not move on its own. The tongue of the belt is held in place by a loop.  The loop is loose and one need to take care not to loose it as it can fall off the belt.

I also got a belt with an F buckle and I like this A buckle better. The main reason I like this buckle better is that F style buckle has two metal pieces that make a bit of a clanking noise when the touch each other when you adjust the belt.  It does not happen when you wear it but if you need to take a bathroom break...  My husband wears this belt when we are doing wild life photography so even a tiny noise could spook the animals.  If the noise is important to you the A buckle is one piece and makes no noise.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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