Saturday, July 2, 2016

Product review: LongMing 26Nm/2 Worsted 100% Cashmere Yarn

The yarn in this listing is 100% cashmere and is very fine: one ply thread creates a lacy look and two-ply creates a more dense knit. After making a couple of samples (see video) I decide I like the two-ply look better. The yarn is easy to work with, it does not tear easily and does not knot. It feels soft, but it is not fuzzy. This is because this is a worsted thread. The difference between the worsted yarn and the woolen yarn are the length of the staple in the wool. Worsted yarns look smooth with long fibers, and woolen yarns are much hairier, with lots of short fibers and more hairs poking out. Worsted wool is slick when woven, woolen wool is are softer, fluffier fabric. Worsted wool is better at keeping out the wind and rain, but woolen wool is warmer, because it is full of air which acts as insulation.

I make sample squares before knitting each garment not only to see how it looks but to determine how many stitches I need for the right size:
~~ two ply yarn 30 stitches gives me 5.5" (5.5 stitches per inch)
~~ one ply yarn 30 stitches gives me 4.5" (6.5 stitches per inch)

In attached photos you see the sweater that it still in progress, but there is enough of it there to see how it will look. I am using two threads of yarn (one thread is purple and one thread is blue) and it is looking nice, I think. The sweater feels soft to touch.

I received this yarn for evaluation and review. Getting a discounted product does not influence what I saw. If you are skeptical about this examine the history of my reviews and see that I leave critical reviews when products deserve it. After working with this yarn for several weeks I can say that I am really enjoying working with it and the sweater is beginning to take shape.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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