Thursday, July 28, 2016

Product review: Esy-life Portable Microwave Cart Functional Microwave Rack Pantry Cart Kitchen Cart on Wheels, Stainless Steel

This listing combines several styles of carts. I got style-1 cart which is a tall cart on wheels. When it arrived I thought the shelves were white and with a sloppy finish because the white "finish" was a bit rubbed off on the edges. Turned out, however, that the white stuff is a thin protective film covering the stainless steel shelves. The film is attached very firmly and it takes quite a bit of work to remove it. But the work is worth it as when it is removed it reveals an attractive finish of the textured stainless steel shelves. The shelves are solid (i.e. not a mesh or grid).

My package included four shelves and 12 supports. The instructions are entirely in Chinese, although the pictures were helpful to figure out the recommended order of assembly. The shelves can be mounted in several ways. If you want to have 4 shelves with a guard rail on each shelf, use 3 horizontal bars on each level (two to hold a shelf and one as guard on the long side. I decided that I do not want a guard rail so I can place things with a slight overhang, so I mounted the shelf on the top supports. I also needed to forego the bottom shelve to fit the cart where I wanted it to be. I thought it was nice that the cart gives one quite a bit of flexibility on how to assemble it.

I am pleased with this cart. It is sturdy and was fairly easy to put together. I first screwed in all supports to one side, then all supports to the second side. Even though the shelves are metal, you have to "stretch" them over the support rails. Once the lip of the shelf is over the support rail it held in place firmly. After the shelves were on, I put the cart on its side and screwed in the wheels. Each of four wheels has a lock so it does not move unless I want it to move.

The cart size is: 21.6"L x 13.8"W x 47.2"H.

This shelf was provided to me for evaluation and review. Getting a sample does effect what I say. I have a history of leaving critical reviews every time the product deserves it. I review each product as if I spent the full price, whether it was good or bad you will hear exactly what my experience has been. I hope my assembly tips will help over come the Chinese manual, which is the only negative thing about this cart.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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