Sunday, July 10, 2016

Product review: BUJIAN T1-6C Dual USB Ports Cooling Pad for 15.6" Automatic Speed radiator and 5 Levels Multi-angle Stand 2"x 6 Fans

I have a lot of experience with cooling pads. I am a software engineer and have a lot of laptops, netbooks, and other computers I need for testing tightly packed on a computer rack so they are all sitting on cooling pads. The good news about this cooling pad that it is very quiet and I like the 6 fans providing even flow over a large surface. However, I could not the smart function to work. I even contacted the manufacture to see why after installing it does absolutely nothing no matter what the computer does, and the communication was very frustrating due to a language barrier. The only answer I got is Windows 10 and iOS are not supported, when I asked what operating systems were supported I got the same answer about Windows 10 and iOS over and over.

However, automatic adjustments are not all that useful. I just used the manual control to set the cooling pad to the maximum speed and given how quiet it is I know it is doing the best it can.

A cooling fan does not have to blow hard to do its job. The cooling pad's job is to create circulation. The air should blow towards the computer you trying to cool. How well it cools depends not on the power of the cooling pad but on the amount of the ventilation holes in the computer case as well as how clean the ventilation holes are. If your computer is overheating vaccum the ventilation holes. My computers ventilation holes get covered with dust quickly even though I think our house is cleaned well. Thise vents just suck in air with dust and get clogged.

It is best when computer CPU core temperature is under 50°C, if it is in the range of 50°C it is a sign of not sufficient cooling, if it is the in 60°C or higher it shortens the life expectancy of the computer components.

Number of fans:____ 6
Air flow:__________ variable flow from low medium to high
Cord:______________ detachable USB cord
On/Off switch:_____ yes (fan speed control)
Size:______________ 14.5"L x 10.75"W x ?"H (when not raised)
Noise:_____________ very quiet
Color:_____________ black case, blue LEDs when the fans are on
Feet:______________ Has rubber pads
Stand:_____________ adjustable bracket
Flaws observed:___ Smart function does not work
___ Portions of the display are in Chinese language
___ The temperature is in Celsius only
USB ports:________ Has two USB ports, one used to power it another is free for other use
Packaging:________ English manual included, but the manual is poorly written

So far (continuous use of several weeks) the fans are operating quietly. Attached video shows the cooling pad in operation, I hope it helps to illustrate my review.

This cooling pad is provided by Bujian. Getting an evaluation sample does not influence what I say, I always state before accepting a product that the review will be positive or critical based only on how well the product performs. The auto functionality did not work, but since I can consider it minor feature I am knocking off just one star as the manual mode works well.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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