Friday, July 8, 2016

Product review: Urhome Personal Fans 3 Modes Mini Dual Head Table Fans Indoor/Outdoor Portable Rechargeable Fans for Home Office Patio Beach Camping Blue

This small fan has two heads which can be rotated and positioned independently from each other. They can blow in the same or different directions as needed. I use it in a window to improve circulation, it does a pretty nice job for such a small fan. I use it plugged in. If it is not plugged in it works for only for a few hours (2 hours on high setting, around 3 hours on medium, and around 5 hours on low), which might be okay for some situations but not how I use it.

The fan has three speeds. On low speed it is pretty much silent and on a high speed you can here it a little bit. To turn it on you need to hold the on button for a few seconds, quick presses (once it is on) change the speed. It runs from USB source which means it can run from an external battery. With a large battery it can run for several days without electricity.

The only negative thing about the fan is that a super bright LED light when it is turned on. I covered the LED light with black electric tape, but the body still glows fairly brightly. For me it means I cannot use it in the bed room, as we like it keep the room as dark as possible. I do not understand why some vendor think making appliances that glow brightly is a good thing! If it can glow brightly, it should have a switch that makes it possible to turn it off.

This fan is provided by UrHome for testing and review. I described pluses and minuses of my experience. Since I use the fan in the window the bright blue light attracts bugs and the tiny ones manage to get through the window screen. For this reason I need to turn the fan off in the evenings and this is the reason for "OK" rating. It works well in the day time, but the bright light makes it unpleasant to use it at night.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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