Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Product review: ProGreen 85-265V 9W E26 LED Lighting Bulb, 70W Incandescent Bulbs Equivalent, Not Dimmable

I often don't know exactly what I will get until I am able to turn on the bulb. To show what these bulbs look like I show them side by side with a 60 watt fluorescent bulb in the light fixture. This allows me to compare the brightness, the color as well as the size of the spot light these bulbs generate.

To keep the desk lamp in the same position I use a 19 inch ruler to insure that the shade of the lamp is exactly in the same distance from the desk. I also used a lux meter (which measures light intensity) to measure the amount of light I get at this 19 inch distance. Lux meter gives me an unbiased measurement of brightness in addition to a visual comparison. By the way, I have tested the brightness of CFL and incandescent bulbs and they very similar in brightness. I am using CFL for convenience as we no longer use incandescent bulbs.

The lux meter shows that the LED light produced significantly more light than the 60-watt bulb (781 lux for the LED bulb and 511 lux for the CFL bulb). LED bulb is brighter, CFL bulb is slightly warmer, the shadows are similar.

This bulb is shaped as an incandescent bulb, has the same size as an incandescent bulb, and casts omni directional light similar to an incandescent bulb. This bulb comes on instantly. It is not dimmable.

These LED bulbs are provided by Progreen for testing and review as part of the new product introduction. This is a nice set of bulbs! The bulbs are quite bright and looks very similar to the good ol' incandescent.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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