Friday, August 26, 2016

Product review: Startreasureland Bath Bomb

These lavender bath bombs initially have a very strong scent, but once they are dissolved in water the scent it not overpowering and pleasant. I store them in a linen closet to take advantage of their strong scent and muffle the scent in the room at the same time. Each bomb is about the size of a golf ball. Each is a one time use product, the entire bomb fizzes away in about 2 minutes leaving the scented water infused with a moisturizer. I now tried a couple of different bath bombs, some generate bubbles like a bubble bath but these bombs do not. There is a bit of foaming as the bomb fizzes and then the foam quickly disappears. These balls are a little smaller than some others I have tried, but I do not think the size matters, it infuses enough moisturizer. On the positive side I had to wait less time until it all dissolved and the bath water was ready. Overall a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Each ball is decorated with a dried flower. This gives these bath balls a unique and beautiful look, however I have to remember to remove the flower before tossing the ball into the water to avoid adding stuff that can clog the drain. The balls turn the water fairly deep purple. I was concerned that this bright color will leave stains or will color the shower liner but it did not.

This bath bomb was provided to me for testing and review. Getting a free product does not effect what I say, the review is based purely on my experience with the product. From my history you can see that I leave 1,2,3 star reviews as well as 5 star reviews,. I always try to be fair and honest, include pros and cons as well as video/photos.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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