Sunday, August 14, 2016

Product review: Fleemy 16GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder MP3 Player Dictaphone Dual Microphone

I have reviewed several voice recorders in this price range over the last few years. All of the reviews have been rather critical - the quality of the recording, the user interface, and the readability of the screen were the three main weaknesses I saw. Even though this recorder is not perfect, it is better in each of these three categories than the other voice recorders I have reviewed.

Sound recording

I found that most recorders did okay with voice (for recording say lectures) but they could not record music without major distortions. In attached video I include segments with voice and music. I thought Fleemy recorder did a reasonable job on both.

Other recorders not only distorted the sound, but recorded noise every time I touched the recorder (to re-position it, look at the screen, or adjust its buttons). Fleemy recorder does not record noise when I touch the recorder.

User interface
The user interface is menu driven, up and down navigation is done by dedicated up and down buttons. Navigation is intuitive. However when you need to make changes (rather than just navigate to look) the experience is not as good because the use of buttons is not consistent. For example, the menu and a stop button both are used to confirm your selection depending on what menu you are on. I found myself having to repeat the same operation multiple times to accomplish my goal. However, I thought it was still better than other recorders I have tried because the navigation itself was clear and easy. The most common function - start recording and end recording are simple.

The screen display - the clarify of the information and how it is display is quite good. Much better than other recorders in this price range that I have used.

Accessing the recording
There are several ways to access the recording. You can do playback on the recorder itself (it has a built-in speaker). Alternatively you can use listen to it using enclosed ear phones. You can also attach the recorder via USB cable to a computer and then the built-in SD appears as just another disk drive from which the files can be copied or deleted. The recording played on the recorder is not as good as listening on it on a computer with good speaker, but certainly good enough to check if things are being recorded.

The recorder has several modes. It can record continuously, Activated Voice recording starts recording when sound reaches a certain decibel level, Track on file is saved when no sound is detected. It does not have a feature to start recording on schedule. I would love to see this feature in future releases.

Overall, it is a decent sound recorder. I received the recorder for testing and review. I state prior to accepting any product that review will be positive or negative strictly based on my experience with the product. Many of previous sound recorder reviews has been very critical. However, this sound recorder does a reasonable job for this price range. I hope my video helps you set the expectations for how it works.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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