Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Product review: Swrisnt Portable Digital Android USB Microscope Endoscope Inspection Camera

In order to use the microscope one need to down load an app for the phone (or the desktop). The instructions lead you to download the app from the company's unsafe web site. However Googleplay app store has many other apps that support a USB Boroscopes. Downloading apps from untrusted websites is unsafe, only use GooglePlay and Amazon stores to get Android apps they provide some level of protection from infecting your whole home network.

Eventually the seller got his app called "Teslong Camera" into GooglePlay, but while he was working on it I found a much better app called MScopes for USB Camera. I like that it allows me to record video and photos produced by Boroscope. Overall, it is a more sophisticated app that "Teslong Camera".

As you see in attached video the camera works. The images and video are not super great quality, but if you are trying to see something that you can't see otherwise it is helpful. The camera has small LEDs on the tip so it will light what it is looking at. The camera is hard to control if it is any distance away from you or if you are just dangling it by the cord. It comes with a few attachments which I thought further degraded the image, however one of them - a mirror - might be useful if you need to look "around the corner".

Bottom line? Not as good as one might hope but useful for taking a look at those hard to reach places.

I was provided the microscope for review as part of new product introduction. I thought the boroscope in combination with MScopes app from Googleplay worked pretty well. Teslong Camera app still needs work. And documentation has to be fixed to lead people to Googpleplay not another website.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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