Thursday, August 4, 2016

Product review: Balichun 13.2-Gallon/ 50L Infrared Touchless Trash Can

This listing combines several trash cans and my review is for the taller model. The trash can body is made out a thin sheet of stainless steel. The top and bottom of the trash can were well protected with foam, but the sides were not and it arrived with several small dents located on one side of the trash can. The dents do not prevent the trash can from functioning but they do detract from the overall look.

The outside dimensions of the trash can are:
32" height (tallest side) x 12.75" width x 9.5" depth (with cover on)
38.5" height with the lid open (this is the minimum clearance needed if the can is under something)
26.5" height (with the cover removed)

The opening is 10.5" wide and 6" front to back. In practical terms the size of this opening is such that a dinner sized paper plate of 9" in diameter can be deposited without bending width-wise, but has to angled down since the front to back is 6" and is narrower than 9".

I am using a 13 gallon Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen trash bag in it. The bag does not reach the bottom of the can and I am planning to buy larger bags for it. The trash can comes with a handy ring, which allows me to neatly tuck in the trash bag inside the can.

The battery compartment is under the cover, so it is easy to reach and easy to change batteries. It runs on four AA batteries which are not included.

The Trash Can automatic opening mechanism is rather sensitive. I reacts to my hand when it is 8" above or 8" in front. I don't walk right next to it I am able to go by without accidental activation.

This trashcan received for evaluation and review. We have been using the trash can for two weeks as I write this review. Other than the cosmetic damage during shipping I had no issues with the trash can. The can itself works well, but the packaging requires improvement to avoid dents in shipping.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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