Friday, August 12, 2016

Product review: Solar Powered Mosquitto Killer Lamp,Kumeda Bug Zapper,Fly Zapper Insect Killer Lights

If you think this mosquito killer will exterminate every mosquito in sight you will be disappointed. However, it is capable of killing them. When some insect gets into the wires the lamp generates a loud pop. I have this zapper mounted below our bedroom windows for almost three weeks and every night I hear occasional pops. It is not continuous, so it is not attracting a lot of mosquitoes but some are better than none.

I was not sure how well this bug zapper will work because the light it generates was not super bright. It blue and similar in brightness to garden lights. However, a few minutes after I put it down for the first time I was startled by a loud popping noise. It was a sound of a bug getting zapped. So it is bright enough for at least some bugs.

The zapper has two ways of recharging - it has a solar panel on the top and it also has a USB port for charging from electricity. It also has two ways of mounting: a stake that goes in the ground, and screws that allow it to be mounted on a wall. For the three weeks I have it out in the garden it has been running solely on solar power. It is facing south-west so it is in the sun for large portion of the day.

I was provided a free review sample with a request for an honest review. Bottom line that it does work, but not as effectively as one might hope.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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