Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Product review: UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse for PC

This mouse looks very large and I was not sure if I would find it comfortable as I do not have a large hand, but the slope of the mouse made the size work very well for me. I spend almost the entire day with a mouse in my hand for work and play, I am finding this mouse to be very comfortable. In the attached video you see it next to my Logitech mouse. Both mice are the same length, the Utechsmart mouse is a bit wider, and sloped. This angle keeps my hand relaxed and comfortable.

✔ I am able to use this mouse both on Windows and Linux machines. The basic functionality works well under both operating system, but the special buttons require configuration in Windows software and they do nothing under Linux. Note that DPI buttons do work under Linux. I was able to use the DPI buttons to control the sensitivity on the mouse. Even though it works under Linux I would not recommend this mouse for Linux users because the full functionality for all buttons is not available.

✔ This mouse has a LOT of controls. It has 18 programmable buttons, including 12 thumb buttons. You can define what each button does, one of the options is "macro" which combines multiple actions. You can save 5 different profiles. There is a special button on the bottom of the mouse that allows you to quickly swap between different profiles without loading them through the configuration software. My video includes several sample menus from the mouse configuration software. One of the options I show is changing of the mouse color schemes including turning off all color changes.

✔ UtechSmart Mouse is 5" long, 3" inches wide, 1.7" height at its tallest point.

✔ This is a wired mouse, it runs on the power it get from USB port. The mouse cable is 71".

✔ This mouse has a unique feature of including 8 small weights which you can be added to the bottom of the mouse to make it heavier. I really like this option. One of the reasons I liked my very old Logitech mouse that it is heavy and feels substantial in my hand. I loaded the mouse with all 8 weights and I like how it feels.

Overall, this is a very nice sensitive mouse and worked well on several surfaces that I have tried. Because of the macro functionality this mouse is handy not only for gamers but those who do repetitive operations. Those operations can be automated to be one mouse click.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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