Monday, June 16, 2014

Product review: Rocketek 6-Port USB Charger with Smart-chip Technology

We own a number of mobile devices from different manufactures, we have Android devices, Apple devices, Samsung devices. In the past I often observed different behavior for the same device on different ports. Google (starting with Jelly Bean 4.21) figured out the Apple protocol and starting with that release is able to draw the optimal charge on ports designed for Apple. My Nexus devices work well on ports, but the same is not true for my Apple devices and my older Samsung Tablet.

And now we see that some of the better chargers are beginning to add intelligent technology to the chargers so can figure out the optimal protocol to use for each device on any port. Rocketeck with Smart-chip Technology is one of the chargers that attempts to negotiate the right charging protocol for each device it is talking to, so it can provide the optimal current for every device on every port. Is it successful? My devices say "yes".

I tested both Rocketek using a current monitor and three mobile devices Nexus Phone, iPad Mini, and and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The performance on every port was excellent. It provided each mobile device the optimal maximum current and thus charged them very quickly. Detailed current monitor readings are included below for those who are interested.

Rocketeck 6 port charger comes with a 40 inch cord and a regular sized plug. I was able to replace several chargers that took up many slots on my power strip with one regular size plug which is connected to this 6 port USB charger. I am always running out of slots on my power strips so this charging station a big space saver for me.

The charger's size is 7"L x 2.125"W x 1.25"H. The slots are positioned on the top, which I find very convenient.

➨ Test Results:

The performance on all ports was consistent and optimal for each device I have charged. I started all test with the devices at the same level of charging for account for non-linear charging.

✔ Nexus Galaxy Phone

Port 1: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.94A, 5.16V
Port 2: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.94A, 5.19V
Port 3: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.98A, 5.17V
Port 4: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.95A, 5.13V
Port 5: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.96A, 5.16V
Port 6: current monitor: ~~~~~ 0.94A, 5.13V

✔ iPad Mini Tablet

Port 1: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.70A, 5.08V
Port 2: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.66A, 4.99V
Port 3: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.67A, 5.08V
Port 4: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.67A, 5.06V
Port 5: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.64A, 5.03V
Port 6: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.69A, 5.01V

✔ Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Port 1: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.37A, 5.15V
Port 2: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.38A, 5.16V
Port 3: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.35A, 5.17V
Port 4: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.37A, 5.15V
Port 5: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.35A, 5.12V
Port 6: current monitor: ~~~~~ 1.38A, 5.15V

I really like this charger. It charges all devices with optimal speed and I like that it takes up just one slot on my power strip.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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