Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Product review: Rocketek 4 Slots USB 3.0 Card Reader with 2 SD slots and 2 Micro SD (TF) slots

The card reader is 3" long, 1.25" at its widest point, it extends 0.375" on each side beyond the USB connector, and the cards stick out of the sides. If your USB ports are tightly spaced this width might create a problem. In that case you can use a USB hub or a cable extender. I tested that using a 3.0 USB hub did not introduce measurable delays. I am using this card reader on both Windows and Linux operating system. Even though Linux support is not listed in the product description it works fine.

The design of the card reader has a couple of thoughtful features. The cap is attached to the cardreader's body by a lease and it has a built in lanyard to hook to a keychain.

To test how well the card reader worked I ran benchmarking utility for this the card reader on both USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, and USB 3.0 hub plugged into USB 3.0 hub. The actual graphs generated by the benchmarking utility are included in my video for those who like the visual details.

➨ USB 3.0 port (PNY Pro SD card)
Average read rate ~~~~~~ 17.9 MB/s
Average write rate ~~~~~~ 4.7 MB/s
Average Access time ~~~~~ 1.53 msec

➨ USB 2.0 port (PNY Pro SD card)
Average read rate ~~~~~~ 16.9 MB/s
Average write rate ~~~~~~ 4.9 MB/s
Average Access time ~~~~~ 1.61 msec

➨ USB 3.0 port (SanDisk micro SD HC)
Average read rate ~~~~~~ 41.3 MB/s
Average write rate ~~~~~~ 5.3 MB/s
Average Access time ~~~~~ 48.07 msec

➨ USB 2.0 port (SanDisk micro SD HC)
Average read rate ~~~~~~ 4.3 MB/s
Average write rate ~~~~~~ 6.1 MB/s
Average Access time ~~~~~ 8.97 msec

This card reader feels solid, the card slides into it smoothly, the benchmarking tests showed fine performance, any limitations come from the media limits not the card reader. I liked that micro SD card is not seeded deeply so it is easy to insert and remove.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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