Friday, June 20, 2014

Product review: Rocketek LED Illuminated Backlight Keyboard - Programmable Gaming Keyboard

My computer desk has a keyboard tray so the physical size of the keyboard is very important for me to have a good fit next to the mouse pad, so I will start with dimensions:

Rocketek keyboard is 19 inches wide, 9 inches front to back, 1 inches thick at the tallest part (in the back). It weights 2 pound and 10.5 oz. This is a wired keyboard with a 60" cloth covered cord.

In the attached video I show this keyboard next to a regular sized DELL keyboard. DELL is 1 inch wider, and 2 inches shorter front to back.

Rocketek keyboard has a large number of programmable keys and a big knob at the keyboard that can control keyboard illumination. The light comes from between the keys and it can be totally turned off. The video includes the keyboard with the light at its maximum and turned way down (but not totally off).

The keyboard has a nice heavy feel. The keyboard feedback felt a little spongy to me, but I like the feedback of an old mechanical keyboard that's why I keep using my old DELL keyboard. It has built-in wrist rests which I did not particularly liked, but they don't interfere with typing just take up a bit of extra room.

The description of this keyboard says it is Windows compatible, but I am using it with Linux without any problems, including setting up programming of the special M function keys.

To program M function keys:
♦ To start definition of the key hit "Mr" key on the left
♦ Hit the M key want to program, say M1, the special <-> on the left hand start will blink slowly indicating you are in the recording mode
♦ Enter the sequence of keys you want to be played out next time you hit M (stands for Macro) key
♦ Hit Mr key again
♦ <-> light will blink quickly several time and turn off
♦ Hit your newly defined key, M1, and you will see the sequence of keystrokes played out

Overall, pretty good keyboard with a standard key layout. All special keys are above so they don't interfere with anything I do as a touch typist.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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