Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Product review: Jumbl Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

The first steam cleaner I received did not work. By reading other reviews I saw that I needed to push on/off button on the side which the manual does not mention and then use the steam button on the handle, but on the first model the on/off button had no effect. The replacement unit I received works fine. By comparison when I pushed the on/off button on the second unit it immediately began making noise indicating that the steamer is doing something.

As I mentioned earlier the instructions are not clear on how to turn on the unit. The instructions refers to the button on the side as "calcium removal button", but it is also an on/off button. It needs to be pressed in order for the steam button on the handle to work. Once the button on the side is pushed then you need to slide the steam button located on the handle. The on/off button can be also pumped on/off on/off to remove calcium build up.

Jumbl steamer generates quite a bit of steam. It takes it a few seconds to get going but when it does the steam is stronger than my old hand held steamer. It should be noted that the steam continues to blow for about 5-6 seconds after I turned off the steam button. Be careful not to burn yourself and give the steam time to escape. This long steam action caught me by surprised the first time I used the steamer.

The steamer comes with with several nozzle heads: steam nozzle, ironing nozzle with a brush, round brush nozzle, and fiber cloth cover. A small squeegee is also included in the package. This squeegee does not attach to the steamer but can be used together with the steam for glass cleaning. The steam cleaner has a fairly long (114 inches) cord that gives me a good range for cleaning without moving the plug.

In attached video I included cleaning of bathroom sink with 1 week worth of mess in it, including dried up toothpaste. Everything came off with steam, no cleaning solution was needed.

I rate this steamer as "okay". The second steam cleaner works well, it was easy to assemble, the steam flow is strong, a long cord makes it easy to use without needing to move the plug. On the negative, the first steamer was defective and I don't like how long the steam continues to blow after the steam button is turned off.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★☆☆

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