Sunday, June 22, 2014

Product review: Satechi RideMate 2500mAh Portable Energy Station 500 lumen Bicycle Light

This is a bright light with 4 different light modes. It is designed to work a forward facing bike light. But the stand is removable and it can be used a powerful hand held flash light as well. It also works as an external power bank when needed.

The button closest to the rider is is the on/off button, the button closest to the light head changes the mode from bright to low to flashing light. To turn on the light you need to press the Power button first then press the Function button to turn on the LEDs. This is because the Power button powers both the LED and power bank. The power bank is operational after the initial Power button push.

Four lighting modes:
♦ High powered beam lasts 2 hours on one charge
♦ Medium powered beam lasts 4 hours on one charge
♦ Low powered beam lasts 8 hours on one charge
♦ Flash mode lasts 120 hours on one charge
♦ The beam has upper cut-off so it does not blind on-coming traffic

The light is water resistant when the charging ports cap is closed. It is not water resistant when the light is being charged or when the light is used as an emergency charger. As a charger it provides 1A of current, which works well for MP3 player and Android phones, but a underpowered for Apple devices (this means it will charger them slowly).

The light is easy to mount, its bracket adjust to bar from 1" to 1.25". The light feels high quality. The mounting bracket is plastic. It feels solid, but plastics gets britle in the sun so if the bicycle is left in the sun when not in use, I remove the bracket when taking the unit to get re-charge. It is easy to reinstall and not leaving it the sun I hope will prolong its life.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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