Saturday, March 25, 2017

Product review: Swiffer PAG40509EA Duster Cleaner Starter Kit

I have been using Swiffer duster for many years. I have tried many different duster prior to Swiffer but when I found Swiffer it was better:

1. No matter how much dust I have, it never falls off.
2. When you are done, you don't have to figure out where to shake off the dust. You just take it off and toss it in the garbage. Very handy especially in the winter since I used to shake it off outside. However, when I shake it off in the yard I would see pieces of dust on the bushes. Not any more!
3. It is light and easy to maneuver. I use it for dusting everything from TV screens to blinds.
4. It is unscented.
5. If the house is not too dusty, I can get a couple of uses from each duster.

One of the duster is fluffy side and the other of the side which has sleeves to slide onto the duster handle. The fluff does not go all the way around but that is not a problem as I dust with one side only.

A note on price: The best price for the duster I found at Costco especially when they have a coupon for this item. Amazon price is pretty good but fluctuates. There is a nice online tool that I use to help catch a good price on Amazon, this tool is called "Online Price Alert". This tool will send you an email when the Amazon item price reaches the target price range that you specify. If you search on "online price alert" in Google it will be come up at the top my favorite has the word "camel" repeated three times in the name.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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