Sunday, March 5, 2017

Product review: Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights MOKOQI

Garden light with this style in two flavors: one flavor is a two mode light and the second flavor is a three mode light. In the two mode flavor the lights are "on" when motion is detected (in the dark) and "off" otherwise. In the three mode flavor the lights are dimly "on" all the time when it is dark, and get brighter when motion is detected and "off"  during day light.

I have a strong preference for on/off two mode flavor because they last longer. When the light is dimly on all the time it totally exhausts the battery before the night is over.  Mokoqi is this type of light - it has two modes which means it uses the battery very efficiently.

I live in New England where not every day is sunny, and even sunny days often not sunny continuously, so the light does not get fully recharged every day. The two mode garden lights work better.

A pet peeve I have about these solar lights that they have a logo on the front rather than on the back.  I like combinig the lights along our long fence, and when each one has a different logo they look mis-matched. I hope the manufacture will consider moving the logo to the back as the logo detracts from the overall appearance of the light.

So how bright is this light? To give a numeric measurement of brightness I use a lux meter which measures light intensity. For comparison I take a measurement of 60 watt bulb (since we all have a good feel for how bright those bulbs are) and measurement of this light from the same distance.

~~ At 19" a 60 watt fluorescent bulb registers 613 lux
~~ This light in bright mode registers 277 lux

The light generated by this light is not as bright as a 60 watt bulb, but it is within the range of other similar sized solar lights. It gives enough light to light the area a few feet away.

The light has a hole at the top and comes with mounting hardware. I mounting it on the fence using the hole and this is the second reason why I like this design, it allows a mounting without having to use a screw, I can use tie wraps.

To activate the light for the very first time you need to push a button on the front. The package include a pin that makes this activation very easy.  The light detected me approaching from any direction (135 degrees) from about 6 feet away. After the movement stopped it turns off.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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