Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Product review: Yogurt Starter Cultures - Pack of 10 Freeze-dried Culture Sachets for BIO Yogurt

I have been making my own yogurt for over a year. This is my first experience with bio yogurt culture. I thought the yogurt made from it tasted sweeter (without adding anything sweet) than the yogurt made from acidophilus culture.

I own an electric yogurt incubator (Epica) which holds the temperature at the right temperature while the culture is incubating. The electric yogurt maker is not a requirement for making your own yogurt but it makes it easier to keep the temperature at the right level. The entire process is very simple. All I have to do is mix the yogurt culture into milk brought to the right temperature and pour it into jars. Then the jars have to be kept at the right temperature for 12 or so hours. The key is to keep the yogurt culture at a steady temperature and a steady position (no moving or shaking) during the incubation period.

While experimenting with yogurt making I have tried 2% milk with and without pre-boiling, whole milk with and without pre-boiling, and goat milk with pre-boiling. I also made a couple of batches just changing the length of incubation to get an idea of what difference that makes. Sometimes I add a straining step at the end to make Greek-style yogurt (2 hours of straining is all I do). There were two things that made a big difference in the results: whether I pre-boil milk or not and whether I am using whole milk. Both pre-boiling and using whole milk creates significantly thicker yogurt.

After the incubation the yogurt needs to refrigerated. Refrigeration stops the incubation process. Home-made yogurst taste great by itself, but sometime for variety I add fruit, maple syrup, or honey. I add very little just for a light flavoring. My yogurt tastes better than store bought! Note that yogurt should be consumed within 1 week.

This yogurt starter is provided for evaluation and review by Natural Probiotic Selection.

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