Friday, May 20, 2016

Product review: Maxchange32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter

The definition of class 10 micro sd card is minimum write rate of10MB/s. I run benchmarks on this micro-sd card a number of times and I am getting average write rate of 7.8 MB/s. This meets the requirements for class 6 micro sd card. The read rates are reasonable, but the average access time is also slow. I want to see access times below 1 msec. I repeated the benchmark tests several time and I getting very consistent results. I ran these tests on the same 3.0 USB port using the same adapter that gives me class 10 performance on other micro USB cards.

Here are two sample results of the set I ran for Maxchange card:

Using USB 3.0 port (sample test 1)
' Average read rate 78.7 MB/s
' Average write rate 7.8 MB/s
' Average access time 3.88 msec

Using USB 3.0 port (sample test 2)
' Average read rate 76.2 MB/s
' Average write rate 7.1 MB/s
' Average access time 4.01 msec

Using the sd adapter included in the package did not introduce additional delays.

If you are looking for class 10 micro sd card you should look elsewhere.

This SD card is provided by Maxchange for evaluation and review. Getting an evaluation product does not prevent me from writing critical reviews when my tests show that the product falls short of the performance of class 10 memory card, which is how it is described currently in the Amazon description.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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