Monday, May 2, 2016

Product review: JunJun Aviator Polarized Square Sunglasses

I use each product I review for 2 weeks before writing a review to make sure the products works well during a reasonable period of time. In the case of these sunglasses it really made a difference in my rating. My initial impression was great. These are good looking sunglasses. They are a good fit for my face and my husbanded commented how well they look on me. The nose pads are made out of gel and they feel comfortable. The sunglasses are very lightweight. They weight 0.09 oz.

However this weekend one of the arms broke off as I was putting them in my case. This happened because the arm joint jammed and no longer folds and that caused the the arm to separate. Looking at how it broke I believe the arm was glued to the joint.

The lenses are polarized. At the end of my video I include a test that shows that lenses are polarized. The lenses change color when rotated against a stationary computer monitor screen (which is also polarized). If you rotate lenses that are not polarized the color does not change.

It comes in attractive gold box, which looks attractive as a gift box. However the gold box which houses the sunglasses is not a case I can see using as a regular case. It color, size and shape are not well suited for general use to carry around. I only mention this because the Amazon product description describes the packaging as a "case".

I received these sunglasses for evaluation and review as part of the new product introduction. My initial impression was great, however because it broke so quickly I am not able to rate it as high as I wanted when I saw its good looks.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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