Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Product review: Window Bird Feeder by Kanaryware

We have a large number of bird feeders including four different window bird feeders. This style is our favorite for several reasons:

(1) The birds love the little perch. In my video you can see how they use it to crack the seeds. We have another window bird feeder with a different style which does not have a perch and it was less popular until we glued a perch made out of a twig. As soon as we added this twig the bird feeder became more popular.

(2) The size is perfect for one bird and too small for squirrels. The other window bird feeder (the one that we improved by adding a twig perch) is bigger and was just big enough for a squirrel to squeeze herself into it. The squirrels leave these little bird feeders alone.

This bird feeder is 6.5" wide, 7.5" tall, and 3.5" front to back. The bird feeder is held by two suction cups. They provide sufficient suction power to hold the feeder, the seeds, and the birds. The installation instruction recommend cleaning the window and rubbing the suction cups with your fingers to deposit some oil on the cups for a better hold. Our old bird feeders of similar style have not fallen off once (in more than one year) even when a squirrel got into the bigger one.

Does the rain get into it? Yes. But the birds do not seem to mind. They are used to wet seeds on the trees.

What fun to see the birds so up close! If this is your first feeder it will likely that the birds will take a week to find it. In fact for the first window bird feeder in about a week my husband spread some seeds under the bird feeder and that seemed to help the birds find it. Now that we have a couple of window bird feeders it did not take them long to find the new one. The bird's favorite seeds are sunflower seeds. We spoiled the local bird population with sunflower seeds and if we put out the mixed seeds it barely gets touched where as the sunflower seeds disappear very quickly.

I was provided this bird feeder by KanaryWare for testing and review. This style of window bird feeder is our favorite because of the size and the perch.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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