Thursday, April 28, 2016

Product review: VINCA DCLA-0605 High Quality Electronic Digital Caliper

Excellent caliper. I checked that results it gives me are accurate, and that it gives me the same reading if I measure multiple times. I like that I can get the read out not only in inches and millimeters but as a fraction as well. The display is easy to read. I am attaching a video which shows the caliper in use.

The caliper has two sets of jaws: one can measure items on the outside, the other on the inside. It also has a button for tare (zeroing).

There is one gotcha to watch out when using the caliper. The display turns on automatically as soon as you move the caliper's jaws. This is very convenient when you measure, but it is also easy to do accidentally turn it on when you place it back into the case (happened to me a couple of times). And this can drain the battery while the caliper is sitting in the case. I now always take a look at the display to make sure the screen is off as close the case.

The caliper came with a case, a spare battery, and an instruction manual. The only thing I am not super pleased about is the latches on the case. They are compression latches rather than the type that flips up. I find them a little hard to open.

This is a reasonably priced caliper and a display in fractions is not something every digital caliper has.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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